Friday, October 15, 2010

Fazer Super Salmiakki (xylitol)

Today's Adventure in Salmiakki was suggested by Toni Spets, who wrote: "I'm very thrilled to advertise one brand I particularly like, Super Salmiakki. Despite the name the taste is very mild and enjoyable."

Wait. What?!? There are no words in the English language that are better antonyms of "very mild" and "enjoyable" than "super" and "salmiakki." But no matter. Having lived through - and somewhat enjoyed - my last indulgence of BonBon's jocularly-named confection, I was feeling bold and ready to try something super.

Opening up the small box of Super, I was immediately overtaken by an overwhelming eucalyptus explosion. While many might find such an odor offensive, I'm actually impartial to menthol-flavored things. Maybe even biased: Jenkki Frozn was the first (and still only) salmiac to earn the halfway-decent rating.

One thing I can say is that Super is no Frozn, largely due to its texture. Like emulsified Vick's VapoRub, or that Halls cough drop you found under your bed that's since turned into jelly, an overly-sticky and gummy texture mixed with salty menthol is just too much.

Surprisingly, Super is missing the distinct licorice and overpowering salty flavors. There's a hint of both, but neither can compete with the menthol. While I'd personally rate this edible — perhaps because I kinda enjoy that menthol kick — I'm sure many would find it inedible. I say we meet in the middle and call it almost edible.

UPDATE: After snacking on these all day (but not liking it... I swear!), there is simply no way I can justify the almost edible raiting. Congratulations, Super Salmiakki, you are officially edible.


  1. That's not fair. You can't rate it for how you guess other people may find it.

    Just call it as you see it. That's the best you can do.

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  2. Those don't look like they're "right" anymore. The texture of that candy (when it's fresh) is nothing like you described. Try to use google image search to find out what that candy is supposed to look like.

    Those have been frozen or exposed to humidity or something....

  3. Hmm, these are Xylitol ones, so they are acctualy good for your teeth ;D Might related to menthol somewhat. If you can try to find similiar packet without xylitol text and comment on that too. Same candy, but different sweetners...

  4. This is little box version of super salmiakki.
    Xylitol makes them little bit softer. And since they are in a box, their texture "expires" faster because of humidity. Xylitol is great stuff, it is like antisugar when it comes to dentist things.

    There is also big version of these in plastic bags without xylitol. Texture of bigger ones is more like in pirates coins (merkkari), tough and sticky. I'm eating them right now \o/. ->Z

  5. The sugar version is also sold in boxes. They are the ultimate candies, I personally don't like the xylitol version so much although it's good for teeth.

  6. Hold on now... I for one would like to know your scale better. Are you implying that "almost decent" surpasses "almost enjoyable" ( Please do elaborate.

  7. @Adrian -- I enjoy the menthol kick, but only that; the salty liquorice addition brings it down from "halfway-decent" to "edible".

    There are a few levels above that: "decent", "enjoyble", etc. - but it may be a while before I find something that is describle as that ;-)

  8. Alex all the salmiac stuff you got skulls that have writing on them (BUBS)? You will like those.

  9. Alex you got these?

    If not i will send you some..

  10. Had some really nice laughters while reading your blog. Keep up the good work of tasting our super delicious salmiakki-candy!

  11. These have been in the market for a long time - I remember enjoying those some 35 years ago. On those days I called it eye-rolling-salmiakki. :-)

    Do you have any early testing phase salmiakkis left, so that you could test if the verdict is still the same or has your sense of taste 'developed'?

  12. These are the almost ultimate, the non-Xylitol are better IMO, and to me they are the absolute ultimate salmiak. I live in UK and I can't get them here, so whenever someone travels over from Finland the MUST bring Super Salmiakki. Yum! Yum! Yum!!!

  13. I don't see anything special in Super Salmiakki... There is lot of better products out there, I prefer somethings like Haganol more...

  14. Om nom... Supersalmiakki :9
    But the xylitol-version is very different from the sugar version. The taste and the texture are quite different. Xylitol might bring out a bit more the "minty" or "eucalyptus" flavours.

    Supersalmiakki is a classic, even the design of the candy box is almost iconic.
    Fazer's other classic is the salmiakki (very originally named :D) "salmiakki"
    These represent the two basic architypes of salmiakki. "Salmiakki" is the lovely salty fresh kind - and supersalmiakki is sort of "heavier" and clearly based more on liquorice flavour.

  15. Xylitol won't add the menthol taste. Xylitol is chemically actually more like an alcohol and it naturally occurs in northern plants to help them survive cold time. This is why it is called birch sugar.

    It is very effective agaist karies (tooth disease). Not just as a safer alternative for sugar (like maltitole or other artificial sweeteners) but as a functional substance, which also works for children's ear infections. Only two reasons are against it's world success, great lobbying from artificial sweeteners and it's attribution to give gas to some people with weaker stomach.

    With sweets xylitol affects the texture and makes it more runny. It also adds the amount of saliva.

  16. You are getting used to them now. Soon you'll be craving for more! :) One candy at a time, you'll see the error of your ways.

  17. Iam dissapointed because finnish candy factories are these days used to put sorbitol and xylitol replacing sugar or to keep candies more softer...

  18. This salmiakki is my favorite candy :)
    I also love Turkish pepper (looks like those rainbow pepper salmiacs)

    And you really have to try the Djungel vrål/Apinan raivo! But I guess you can only buy it from Finnish ships like Silja Line or Viking Line..?

  19. Salmiak taste lovely!!! I like salmiak = D

  20. how about halva's salmiakki compared to fazer ? anyone know if they are as good ? and what about jymy ? and what about haganol ? thanks

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