Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fatalii Gourmet Naga Morich Salmiakkitoffee

It's that time of year again: gingerbread men, rum balls, eggnog, and Christmas-tree shaped sugar cookies. At least, in normal parts of the world. In Finland, December signifies the special time of year where parents torture their kids by giving extra terrible salty licorice treats.

My dear friend Matti Nikki decided that it was high time that I experience a Finnish Christmas, and sent me this early gift.


Matti suggested that I might even like it. "It's scored high on the recent Finnish Salmiakki Association's salmiakki picnic (3rd place)," he wrote, "even though the reviewers all thought the flavor of salmiakki was overpowered by the much stronger chili."

Well, I guess the facial expression featured on the wrapper is how Finns express deliciousness. I shared my thoughts for this special treat in a video:

It's not the absolute worst I've ever had, but it certainly earned a caustic rating.