Friday, April 22, 2011

Pääkallo Super Salmiakki

It's not a good sign when your salmiac is called "Super Salmiakki". But when it's shaped like a fricken skull, you know you're in trouble. In fact, if you ever come across this confectionary of salty death, I suggest you run - and run fast.

Or, if you're feeling extra sadistic, offer if to someone else. I obviously took the latter strategy, and the unfortunate "someone else" was our Japanese intern, Shun.

It's been a very interesting experience to work with someone from such a different culture, and one of the many things I've learned about the Japanese is that they are very, very polite. Unlike us westerners - who have no qualms about telling you just how much we hate something - Japanese people are generally more reserved. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a sociological expirment.

Clearly, this salmiac was just too strong for Shun's politeness, and he had no choice but to spit it out after experiencing a nearly intolerable amount of pain. Afterwards, he described it as "like a poison," which means that the pääkallo has earned the caustic rating.