Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fazer Pantteri Black Shot

Unfortunately, after sharing salmiac with some of my friends on a few different occasions, no one is willing to try any unfamiliar foodstuff from me, let alone more salmiac. Thank you Finland for giving people yet another reason to dislike me.

While I haven't made any new friends lately, there was a new chap at the office who hadn't yet experienced the joy of Finnish "treats". And I figured, what better way ruin the relationship with my new coworker that with some Fazer Pantteri Black Shot?


For those of you who don't speak Finlandese, "Pantteri" actually translates to "Panther Turds", and the gooey "black shot" center is either a pre- or partially-digested glob of salmiac gel. I can't tell, either from the writing on the back of the bag, the smell, or the taste.

And speaking of the taste – it's actually not so bad, at least relative to the texture. I'll let Patrick explain in this odd-aspect-ration video. Next time, I'll flip my phone sideways.

Although Patrick wasn't a big fan, he hasn't quite experienced the full range of salmiac. But I have, and on the scale of all things salmiac, this earns the well-respected edible rating.