Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halva Batman Chili Salmiakki

Batman “Gotham City’s candy stores have a serious problem, Batman,” commissioner Gordon declared gravely.
Batman responded incredulously, “You lit the bat signal for this? Surely Gotham has more serious crimes to deal with than the theft of some candy.”
“It’s not just theft,” the commissioner continued, “one by one, all of the candy for sale in Gotham is being replaced with…this.” Gordon offered a seemingly ordinary-looking piece of licorice, which Batman popped into his mouth.
”ACK!!” Batman exclaimed, spitting out the candy, “what is that?”
”Salmiac,” Gordon responded, “we call it salmiac.”

Will the Dark Knight discover who is behind this new, salty menace?

Ok, let me just apologize for the use of Comic Sans in this post.  That’s the end of that, I promise.  As you’ve probably guessed, we have some Batman-themed salmiac today!

Batman Salmiakki Package

Since Alex has actually been seen snacking on and enjoying his last Salmiyuck entry, I decided he was unfit for more salmiac reviewing until his sense of taste has returned to normal.  Don’t worry, he’ll be back at this pretty soon, damaged sense of taste or not, as I have no desire to find myself in the position of enjoying this stuff like he apparently does right now.  That being said, it all works out since I’ve been wanting to try the Batman Chili Salmiakki, being something of a Batman fan and having never experienced chili with my salmiac.

Batman Chili Salmiakki

Opening the package, I was greeted with the smell of licorice, which was a pleasant surprise.  Each Batman Salmiakki is simply a stamped Batman logo on a seemingly ordinary piece of black licorice.  I cautiously tried a piece and found that it was not terrible!  Having learned my lesson about the dangers of biting into salmiac, I let the candy slowly dissolve for a while, just waiting for that inevitable offensive taste… but it never came.  Bracing myself, I started chewing and discovered just a little spicy kick from the chili flavoring.  I managed to finish it and didn’t find it at all repulsive!

Overall, Batman Salmiakki is actually pretty good (for salmiac).  It has a modest amount of licorice, sugar, salt, and chili flavoring, but none of these are completely overpowering.  While it is by no means my favorite thing to eat, I would consider having one once in a while if I was really hungry.  Thanks to its largely inoffensive quantities of salmiakki and chili flavor, the Batman Chili Salmiakki earns an edible rating.


  1. Wow. That came out of nowhere. -Z

  2. So who was behind the menace?

  3. It's going as supposed. Soon they'll be salmiac fans ;)

  4. Is it so that you have only been tasting the candies? Do U have an idea, what is 'Salmiakkikossu' ?

    http://www.salmiakkikossu.com/ :)

  5. Seriously, when you finnish this blog, you are all addicted to salmiakki.

  6. I love salmiakki...I will do just about anything for salmiakki...I live in the states and have for 30 years so my friends bring it to me from Finland by the pound...like 20 lbs at a time, and I OD on it immediately....so wonderful...I love it...I wish all candy was replaced with some form of salmiakki....and the salmiakki kossu is moonshine type booze with salmiakki...sure to get a tasty buzz going...lol

  7. I've lived in Finland all my life and I've never seen half the stuff on this blog.

  8. This is probably one of those inferior products that barely contain any ammonium chloride..

  9. That word "inferior"... I do not think it means what you think it means.

  10. Finally you got it! The right attitude, Chutzpah, is needed in eating salmiak. If you are devouring it, you don't have respect! ;)
    It's normal for Jäger und Sammler (hunter & picker)to cautiously nibble on the catch, slowly examine the taste and let your mouth and the different parts of it (palatal, labial, pharyngital...) adjust and explore it.
    You can't expect like with guarenteed-sweet-food in forehand that this is good. This is something wild, this is nomething new, like the ocean, it's never like how it was yesterday.
    It's like with classic music, you have to learn it, you have to grow in it.
    I think the most kidz are afraid of water. They have to be teached to adjust in a different kind of element. That's what's about in salmiak. Once you come in, once you learn it, not like a different language, it's like a total different way of being, perhaps it's zen, in a cold winter morning a handful salmiak in face waiting for you bus which is already 5 minutes late in a weather where you wouldn't even send your mother-in-law minus 20 and something degrees Celsius..