Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haribo Piratos

Arrrrr! If there be any suspicion that ye olde capt’n has grown accustomed to Salmiac, then the Haribo Piratos shall set the record straight. Gar!

Okay, no more pirate talk from me, I promise. But do feel free to leave pirate-themed comments!

Anyway, I picked the Haribo Pirates because I figured they’d be pretty mild. I don’t know, it just wasn’t one of those eat-something-that-makes-me-want-to-rip-my-tongue-out days. And seeing that Haribo is a pretty popular brand here in the states, known mostly for their gummy bears and similar treats, I figured I’d be safe. Oh, and pirates – that must mean they’re for kids, and therefore sweet and palatable!

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Haribo Pirates literally taste like they came from the bottom of the sea. Without a visible grain of salt, these have a powerful salt-flavor that just won’t quit.

Tried as I might, I couldn’t get more than a dozen or so chews in before I had to call it quits. Sorry Haribo, but your Pirates are inedible. Now where can I find some gummy bears?


  1. Actually the text in the lower red bar says "Adults liqourice not childrens liquorice" in danish.

  2. As a Finn I love all salmiakki, but for you guys I recommend Hopeatoffee. After you taste it I'm sure you will change your minds about salmiakki :)

  3. There's obviously something wrong with you - Piratos are the best (that you can get in Denmark anyway - haven't had the chance to try any of the Finnish varieties).
    I have to be careful not to binge on them :)

  4. Well, here in Denmark we have "Super Piratos", which is like Piratos, only larger, harder (so that you'll have to chew for a longer time before you can swallow them) and more salty.

    They are waaay better than the "plain" ones :-)

  5. After the Piratos you just HAVE to try the Terva Leijona Lakritsi next! It's the small rectangular box that says "Leijona" on it. They actually not very salty at all... I can't wait to hear your opinion on them! :)

  6. Aww, those are my mum's absolute favorites! Guess it goes without saying that we're Finns. :P

  7. Piratos are one of my favourites. They rock - and you can mix them with the fruit ones too and chew them at the same time. Love them! :) One of the top 5, IMO.

  8. Thanks Tuxie, because of you I need to get some Terva Leijona for myself tomorrow to cure my hangover :) I yearn them already but the shops are closed this time of the night :(

    As I told earlier Alex should try some "Salmari", home brew recepie is here:

  9. Haha, this one you got right. Exept that inediple part :D.

  10. I love these reviews! Do more! They are hilarious!

    Regards from saltlakrits-loving Sweden!

  11. After reading comments, I realise you are eating Piratos, not super-piratos(should have looked closer at the pics)

    Those are rather bland, kinda sweat treat... If anyone is having that reaction to Piratos I can understand why they get their panties in a twist over other forms of liqiorice.

    Super-piratos are quite good, but you my friend, should try Super Flyers! They are a think liqiurice shell, stuffed with hardcore mix of amonium-chloride and a little sugar!


  12. Yes! Thanks to your great blog my fianceé got me some Haribo Piratos for Christmas! I guess she wants me dead already. :)

  13. Even, being a Finn, I have to hand it to Haribo. Piratos rule.

  14. Thank you for the many good suggestions about strong licorice. The Piratos were too bland for me. Now I'll try "Super Piratos", "Terva Leijona Lakritsi" and all those wonderful things.
    See ya!
    MARK, Germany.

  15. Super Piratos are truly magnificent! Swedish made (I think) liquorice- ufos (brown coated), and fazer`s salmiakki mix are the only two brands competing equally.

  16. I like Haribo sweets, and they're pretty much everywhere nowadays n the UK. The thing I find really annoying when I'm in Finland (quite often since my girlfriend is Finnish and I work for a Finnish company) that when I'm in the mood to buy a bag of sweets I have to find the one that randomly has less salmiakki than other bags, because I hate the stuff. It's annoying that even what I'd call child-friendly candy has it in, even the Haribo bags.

    Of course my girlfriend likes them, but when I'm driving while munching I have to almost prepare the bag before starting, otherwise I'm likely to get all the black nasty ones.

    It's an admirable goal, to taste each type and try and find the edible ones, but the question is, why? and how have you sourced so many varieties?

  17. HAHAH - these are my personal favorites - i single-handedly emptied the bin at Stockmans Helsinki of this candy over the course of my semester in Finland!
    I am so glad you found them - I had no idea they were Haribo...I bought them out of a bulk bin in the candy section.

  18. Piratos is definitely one of the best licorice!!! I also like pingvin licorice, which is a bit milder.

  19. Oh I love Piratos! Were yours the Super Strong though?

    Mmmm....I´m salivating already. Please feel free to send all your extra salmiak right over here!


    Anne, Finland

  20. Really love Piratos, just found out they taste a bit like my childhood favourites "merkkari"'s.

  21. You should try Super Piratos. They are fantastic. Even my dog wants those!

    (Of course, I'm Danish, soo....)

  22. I had Piratos in high school over 20 years ago when an exchange student shared them with me and I loved them! I just recently realized they were made by Haribo and confirmed it with my friend! Thanks for the great treat and the wonderful memory! :)

  23. I have yet to meet a non dane who can keep it in the mouth for more than 10 seconds... I was brought up on the stuff - lived in Faxe the home town of the company in Denmark

  24. Oh I LOVE these! These have been my favorite ever since I was a little kid. Mekkarit is a similar product, but I don't remember are the soft kind (I like the hard ones better). I might have to go buy some today, even though I have the flu and it's cold and snowy out there... Your blog gives me the cravings!

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