Monday, May 3, 2010

Alfmix Light Line

It’s always exciting to have a new team member come on board. Not only does the new guy help reduce the workload, but there’s a great chance that he’ll come with some new and exciting ideas. My company recently brought on a new developer, Greg, and I was as excited as ever. And not just because of the whole helping out and new ideas thing.

On the afternoon of Greg’s first day, I stopped by his desk to share some Alfmix Light Line gummy candies. Unfortunately, he had already been warned about me and my wonderful Finnish candies. But Greg was brave and dove right in, rhetorically asking “how bad could it be?”

“Bad enough for an OSHA violation,” a nearby coworker smirked, “just make sure you’ve got a chaser.”

Of course, by that point, the advice was too little and too late, and Greg had already started with one of the black square pieces. As he bit into the gummy candy, his confidence-filled expression slowly faded into bewilderment. The more he chewed, the more his expression turned to disgust. Within ten seconds, Greg rushed to the nearest trash bin and spit out the black candy, adding “ok, that was a mistake.”

Despite Greg’s bad experience, I started trying some of the other shapes.
• Yellow/Orange Ones – edible! They’re not very sweet, but they could easily pass a gummy candies
• Berry-shaped Ones – edible! Not berry flavored, more a subtle liquorice
• Square-shaped Ones – almost edible! This is the only one that Greg tried; at first, they weren’t too bad, but as he discovered, but the creeping salty liquorice flavor quickly makes them unbearable

If it weren’t for the square shaped pieces, this candy would pass for edible. However, it gets the almost edible rating.


  1. The bag says it's sugar free. Which might explain why they are not very sweet.

  2. Lack of sweetness was probably because they are sugar free (sokeriton) :).

    Just translating the term if you are interested :).

  3. Just wait for the "Super Salmiakki" in small box. They're the best ones :) Can't wait to buy another one tomorrow because shops are closed during night.

    I wonder what is the problem with you... I have eaten these candies before I was even able to read.

  4. This blog made my day.

    Personally i'm waiting my favorites Apteekkarin salmiakki, Lakritsal and I'm hoping that small bottle contains some salmiac vodka :)

    Btw. There seems to be some dispute (even in Finland) about what counts as salmiac, because even some of those are just salty liquorice, which really don't have any ammonium chloride in it. Apteekkarin salmiakki is still probably as real as it gets :)

  5. Laktrisal, Apteekkarin salmiakki and Haganols might not be the good ones for the rookie :D. Although I love 'em.

  6. It's a salmiak-liquorice-fruit -mix.