Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Katjes: Hot Temptations

Now that I've not only remembered which Google account I used for this blog, but remembered that account's password, I can once again continue on my reviews of Salmiakki. Actually, the timing worked well; I've finally recovered from those toxic cookies.

I was recently invited to a "Hotluck" dinner party. In case the pun is not painfully obvious, it's a potluck party in which everyone brings hot and spicy food. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of share some of the delightful Salmiakki.

Mmmm, mmm, mmm: a smiling model touching her lower lateral incisor with a long chii peper! Now if that's not sexy, then I don't what is. Good work, Katjes, you've actually managed to distract me from the fact that this is a bag of salty, spicy liquorice. I mean, for crying out loud: adding hot to salty liquorice is like adding a lawsuit to an insult that was added to an injury. But no matter, it was the perfect treat to bring to the hotluck.

I put the fish-shaped candy in a little bowl and snuck them on the snacks table next to the wasabi cashews and hot peanuts. Surprisingly, they actually looked like edible candy, and the sugar-like coating made them seem like a delightful mix of hot and sweet.

Of course, the only delight that came from the Hot Temptations was watching unsuspecting party-goers casually take a piece and pop it in their mouth. It would take a few seconds, but just about everyone gave the unmistakable what the hell did I just eat face.

Most were polite, and quietly chased the candy with something not awful tasting, while a couple people disgustingly said, "what kind of liquorice is that!?!" Actually, that's been my question all along.

For the sake of completeness, I did try the Hot Temptations at the party and, surprisingly they weren't too bad. Compared with the rest of the spicy food, they were pretty mild.  Oh, and that sugar-like coating I mentioned earlier? Salt, of course.

When paired with spicy foods, this rates as almost edible.


  1. The chilli fish aren't that hot. They have a sweet taste, with just a little hint of chilli. In fact, I advice to place the bowl out of normal reach, otherwise you end up eating the continously without thinking about it.

  2. Well, the "almost edible" part is understandable considering that Katjes is german, not finnish. They don't know how to make proper salmiakki :P.

  3. I'm pretty sure the coating is not ordinary table salt (sodium chloride) but probably crystals of pure ammonium chloride; salt of ammonia - the chemical compound that all salmiac candy is actually based on and which is responsible for their "salty" taste, if you want to call it that. The taste, however, is clearly different from table salt, as any true salmiac aficionado would recognize. You may want to check out the Wikipedia article on "ammonium chloride" for more information.

  4. German, you say? I always figured it was a dutch company, given their name. I've done some research (read: googled the website) and it appears they are indeed German, but the name was indeed based on the dutch word for "cat".

  5. Coating isn't salt. it's pure ammonium chloride in crystalline form

  6. No-one's mentioned that "salmiac" is something like a contraction of "sal amoniac", meaning ammonium salt?

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