Friday, April 6, 2012

Synkka Salmiakki

I can do hot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like one of those crazy people who rub peppers in my eyes, but I can handle the heat. Well, usually…

And of course, what you’re not seeing in the video (as it’s a solid 15 minutes after I tried these candies) is that my mouth is still on fire. These things pack some punch, much more than the hottest Tyrkisk Peber that I’ve tried so far. They’re fun, but certainly not fit for human consumption. Therefore, I must rate them caustic.

UPDATE: I shared some of the Synkka with my friends tonite. Unfortunately, I only realized it would have made a great video after it was too late. Suffice if to say, that their experience was quite a bit worse than mine; after spitting them out, they desperately tried to rid themselves of the heat with ice cubes. This will definitely make for a good social candy -- I'll try to capture some from some other suckers friends later.


  1. Replies
    1. Caustic of course! I updated the post to include the rating :-)

  2. have you lost weight? is it thanks to salmiakki?

  3. "I can do hot."

    Obviously not. :o) Synkkä salmiakki is a delicious treat and certainly not too hot.

    Your Sisu is weak, young apprentice.

  4. Please could you use the umlaut when writing "ä" though. That's a similiar mistake to using v instead of w, or k instead of c in English, and it's a bugger. The US-international keyboard layout turns the right Alt into Alt-Gr which you can use to get all the special characters. The button on the left of the Enter key gives you ¨ so you can type üÿöäïë.

    1. Nope, word is synkkä so i write synkkä, thus there is no mistake except in your presumptions. :o)

      It is a Finnish word with no mistakes, check your premises.

    2. Reiska: I believe he was responding to Alex, not to you. Alex incorrectly writes "synkka" without the umlaut :)

  5. Oh yeah! Three at a time was definitely a bad idea. Tried to show off a little, did you? But at least you tried, good stuff. And right on spot with the "social candy", that's what I do with these too! I offer one to everyone who visits me, some people refuse to try them but only one guy has spit out the candy :)

  6. The video embedded in this post consistently BSOD's my computer... >:( Flash FTL.

  7. It's Poppmamies Synkkä Salmiakki <3
    The brand (Poppamies) is the preferred brand for chili lovers in Finland so all products are really hot, they have chili-chocolate, sauces, chips etc

    Poppamies is kind of similar as the American Blairs brand who makes chili products.

  8. "Really light chili flavor," LOL...

  9. Funnily enough their hard fruitcandy is much hotter than their salmiakki :)

  10. "... they desperately tried to rid themselves of the heat with ice cubes."
    LOL. Water is not a good idea with chili because capsaicin is a fat-soluble substance.

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