Thursday, December 8, 2011

Apteekkarin Salmiakkipastilli

When you've tried as many kinds of salmiac as I have, you start to notice patterns. I mean, they're all bad, but they all fit into their own category of bad.There's the hard-candy-that-calls-itself-hot-but-really-isn't kind, the sticks-to-your-teeth-so-the-awful-never-goes-away kind, the saltlick-licked-by-a-deer kind, and so on.

So, when I saw the Apteekkarin Salmiakkipastilli, I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into from my Apteekkarin Pehmeä Salmiakkipastilli review and thought it'd be a great candy to share with my friends.

I was expecting basically the same thing, just without the "Pehmeä". Of course, I'm not sure what "Pehmeä " means, but I figured it's either "menthol" or "yellow packaging". This is what I found inside.

The candies looked like your typical hard candy, but they had a slightly rubbery texture. Not squishy rubber, more like the rubber on running tracks - or even asphalt on a hot day.

"They look like rabbit terds," one of my friends added before taking a whiff of one, "doesn't have much of a smell, though."

The taste wasn't very intense - in fact, it was fairly subtle. At least, until getting past the outer coating. The middle had quite the kick, but not nearly as strong as some of the Tyrkisk Peber I've tried. It was tolerable, but not something anyone would want to keep eating any longer than they had to. And as such, this earns the almost edible rating.


  1. Wiktionary is your friend:

    pehmeä (comparative pehmeämpi, superlative pehmein)
    soft; (of hair) silky; (of skin) smooth; (of sb's character/nature) mellow, gentle.

  2. Yeah, those are the never worse version. They aren't strong or anything too special, I would even say mild. The older version of them was excellent.

  3. I'm glad you have this blog. This entry finally got me off my ass and.. back on my ass so I could go order salmiakki online.

    There's none in Ireland, which makes me very sad - I absolutely adore the stuff. But now I've got 5.6kg of it in the post. Yum. :3

  4. spurdo spärde XD ebin salami jakki :--DD

  5. I dont understant why this person makes blog angaist salmiakki! Why not angaist fried snakes or scorpions? I think salmiakki is not as bad what he says!

  6. You know if you taste enough salt liquorize your mouth will get used to it and you will end up liking it:)

  7. It may be that the recipe for Apteekkarin Salmiakkipastilli was changed at some point. I remember those small candies and their taste. However, when I bought some Apteekkarin Salmiakkipastilli earlier this year, the candies in the pouch were completely different and the taste was interesting (and delicious) mixture of mild salmiac and anise.

    To Baughn:

    You probably know the brand of cough sweets called Fisherman's Friend. The manufacturer, Lofthouse, has actually produced salmiac-flavored version for northern Europe and Scandinavia. While it apparently isn't sold by retailers in UK, according to Wikipedia "Lofthouse provides a mail order service allowing UK residents to obtain some of the more exotic or difficult to find flavours".

  8. Pehmeä means soft.

  9. Next time have a try at the new soft & filled Tyrkisk Peber Volcano. =D

  10. i really dont get it why you make a blog about salmiakki if you hate it?
    that is just... stupid.

    1. Because he had a huge amount of salmiakki sent to him by a fan of his other site, the Daily WTF, from Finland. And he decided it would be fun for us if he tried them all and rated them on a blog.

      And it is.

      And salmiakki rocks.

  11. You need to do some new posts.

  12. This blog is lovely. And I'm a salmiak fan! Just earlier today I gave Djungelvrål (swedish salmiak) to some unexpecting exchange students. There is a certain kind of schadenfreude in giving salty licorice to people not used to it.

    Swedish salmiak you should try: Djungelvrål, Hockeypulver original, Gott & Blandat Salt.
    From Finland, you should try and get you hands on Terva Leijona (, because it has a tar flavour.

  13. Alex, have you ran out of salmiakki? There haven't been new reviews for a while now :(

  14. Alex, you were almost starting to like salmiakki, don't give up on us now!

  15. Hi Alex. I just found your blog. I'm a Finn and I just love salmiakki, specially in chocolate. Anyway, as somebody already told, "pehmeä" means "soft" and in this case it means either that the candy is soft or sometimes that it has a soft filling under a hard cell.

    Did you know that Fazer has put out some Angry Birds salmiakki-candies? I can sent you a bag of those if you want. Just email me your address.