Monday, July 11, 2011

Pirkka: Tulinen Pippuri (Sokeriton)

Before even taking a whiff of the Sokeriton (sugar free) Tulinen Pippuri from Pirkka, I was already pretty pleased with it. The rusty, just-dug-it-out-of-the-ground appearance screams don't eat me louder than any other salmiakki I've seen - which is precicely the message that should be emblazened on every bag sold.

Taking a whiff of the confectionary reminded me that things that look like they've been buried underground for longer than I've been alive don't have a pleasant smell. It's hard to describe how the tulinen pippuri smells, but I'd say it's about 37% cayenne pepper, 18% sweet, 13% sour, and 99% evil.

As soon as the Tulinen Pippuri met my tongue, I was filled with the all-to-familiar sensation of burning salt. I soldiered through this onslaught, using an occasional sip of water to combat the wretched taste. Fortunately, the pain quickly subsided, leaving a fairly normal piece of hard salty liquorice candy.

If it weren't for the rough beginnings, I'd consider rating this almost edible - but I'm going to stick with inedible. Which is exactly what it looks like.


  1. It's strange. I'm Swedish and I've loved this kind of candy since the first time I tasted it when I was 2 years old or so. Same thing with most of my friends. Can it really be genetics?

  2. And we (finnish people) also like rye bread!! Salmiakki is SO good, but its raise you blood pressure, so I cant eat salmiakki so muts because I'm pregnant. And we have also two or tree salmiakki ice gream.

    Ones I give salmiakki to ours Indian chef, and they hatet it!! Only wonder how me and other waitreses can eat that and is it really candy!!

  3. Here's a video where japanese ppl try this candy:


  4. Haha, great blog! Have to say Pirkka Tulinen Pippuri is one of my favorite "sweets" ever. You kind of did it the wrong way and eat the SUGARFREE versions D: now wtf?

    Anyway, I like Tulinen Pippuri even more than Turkin Pippuri from which it's obviously a ripoff, but I really like that rusty evil powder on it!

  5. And by Turkin Pippuri I meant Tyrkish Peber.

  6. This blog caused me a terrible salmiakki-lust. Now I have to go to the shop and buy it empty. Ye.. thanks a lot.

    ... greetings from Finland.

  7. Haha, consider yourself lucky you only managed to eat one. I love salmiakki and bought these once. They were good so I ate most of the bag. What I failed to see was that they are sugarfree candies and contain sugar alcohols. Long story short, I spent next night stuck in toilet due to "laxative effects".

  8. Did you remember to bite it?

  9. It's just so hard to understand that some people DONT LIKE salmiakki. I LOVE IT! :D
    greetings from finland.

  10. Water, haha! I can tell you that I once eat a whole bag of Turkisk Peber pretty much in one evening and no drinking. It blows up my head!! you can't imagine the feeling until you try that... it seriously makes you feel hot and dizzy, there should be a warning label on the bag :DDDDDDD

  11. I bought these yesterday also. Well, taste is really wimpy. Now you have overreacted. No evil taste at all. You should try "Fisherman's Friend", they are real man's pills. If you can eat whole package without drop any tears, you are the real man.

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